Devotion: Thanksgiving in Spring?

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At this time of year Thanksgiving is probably the last thing on our minds. That’s months away! I live in Iowa; here we have some pretty heavy duty winters that begin in October and end somewhere in March or April. Even speaking the word “Thanksgiving” is bound to get you some dirty looks.

However, did you know that we should be celebrating thanksgiving every day? No, I am not talking about the great feast with a large golden-browned bird in the middle! I am talking about celebrating the Lord! Thanksgiving, the holiday and the word really mean the same thing: being thankful for all we have, our blessings!

In Psalm 7, verse 17 the author David sheds some light on giving thanks, “I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.”

Life is busy, I get it, believe me. But when we talk to God is our first instinct thanksgiving and praise? I have caught myself more than a few times with the laundry list in hand as I speak to our Father. We have a great God! He deserves our thanks and our praise year-round! Not just when the leaves are falling from our trees.

My challenge for you today is to make a quick list of things you are truly thankful for and blessed by. Add some things you have never even thought about thanking God for! Everything we have and everything we are comes from our Lord.

“Father! Thank you! Like David I want to gives thanks to You, to sing out my praises. You are the Lord most high and I want to thank you for that first and foremost. Thank you also for…(add in the blessings that are personal to you.) God, help me today to remember how blessed I am. Lastly, thank you father for my salvation. I know who I am in You. Amen.”

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