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Why Blogging?

I have been contemplating the start of a blog for a few years now, but I was nervous. I never felt as if I had anything worth while to talk about. What is so special about me anyway? Who would want to hear what I have to say? Do I have anything to say? It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that God really hit me with some inspiration. And as usual, he did not give me what I was expecting.

Why Mary Magdalene?

So, I was re-watching the movie Risen sometime in January one evening as I was waiting for my husband to get home. I became overwhelmed with the depiction of Mary Magdalene’s faith. Now, I do understand not all of the events that take place in this movie were gospel truth, (do you see what I did there?) but it got the ball rolling for sure. I had never really thought about Mary Magdalene before this, but I found myself thinking more and more about the amazing situations God placed her in. Even more, I thought about her importance to Christ.

I began doing some research on Mary and I discovered just how precious she was to the Lord, and how precious He was to her. Mary Magdalene is mentioned in the gospels at least 12 times, she stayed by Jesus, even when his other devoted followers ran to hiding. Jesus came to her after the resurrection, He trusted her and He trusted her faith.  I began thinking more and more about her and the qualities she had that I wan’t to emulate.

Weeks went by and she was still on my mind! I began praying about it and asking God what He wanted me to do with this inspiration. After a few times of prayer, He answered.

  1. Implement what she has taught me in my own life
  2. Share this inspiration.

I have always loved words. Since I was little I loved to read, I loved to write and I sure loved to talk. I realized recently that my love for words is a spiritual gift God gave me! I am going to start putting my gift to use by sharing some wisdom, some stories, and above all else, God’s word.

God Bless and Happy Sunday!

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